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Smart Pallet Control

Explore features for all size companies

Data Entry

Highly automated data entry –  All your trading partners are loaded up and delay days are automatically applied.  Takes 10 minutes to learn.

Web Application

On the internet – no need to install on your computers.  We set everything up for you.  You can be up and running within 24 hours.

Automatic Import\Export with pallet hire companies

You can set how often PalletWatch exports to pallet hire companies.  Imports automatically received from pallet hire companies.

Cloud Security

Hosted in secure data centre in Sydney, Australia.  Very fast, reliable with close to 100% uptime.  

IOU Management

So important to get this right.  PalletWatch can send automatic owed equipment reports to your trading partners every week.

Unlimited Users

We charge by site not by user.

Automated Reconciliation

So much time saved by PalletWatch’s automated reconciliation.  Measures how effective your pallet management is.

Training and Support

Comprehensive online help and phone support when you need it.  PalletWatch is so easy to use – that’s what our customers tell us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t need another system except when ordering CHEP equipment when you will have to use MyCHEP.

Setup be done within 24 hours or slightly longer if there are a large number of sites,  

Pricing is per site with unlimited users.  See our pricing page for more information.

We manage the transition for you.  We bring in uninvoiced transactions and owed equipment balance data.

Yes, we already do this for a number of customers.  Additional charges may apply.

Our users say it is very easy to use.  We made it this way.

We provide free online training and we have a comprehensive online Help Centre.

Pricing excluding GST (paid annually)


Low volume
$ 40 Monthly
  • Perfect for you if you don't have a lot of transactions and you need something much better than a spreadsheet
  • Single site
  • Less than 75 transactions per month
  • Full reconciliation capability


Full equipment control
$ 120 Monthly
  • Everything you need to reconcile an account. This can be one CHEP and one Loscam account
  • Includes data entry for 1 site
  • Extensive reporting
  • Log in from anywhere. Pallet controller can work remotely

Additional Site

Data Entry
$ 60 Monthly
  • Data Entry Only - used for additional sites to the one holding the Reconciliation licence
  • IOU Management
  • Stocktake Entry
  • Unlimited users. Very quick to get your whole team on board wherever they are located

Special Pricing

Please contact us for special pricing if you have a large number of sites.

Charities can use PalletWatch for free

In 2017 Foodbank NSW became the first Foodbank to use PalletWatch.  It is now in use in VIC, SA, QLD and NSW.  Like so many other charities, Foodbank is a great organisation and the work they do is vital to so many people.

If you are a charity please get in touch and we can set you up with PalletWatch at no charge.

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