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PalletWatch Pricing - choose the right plan for you

Help avoid the high cost of lost pallets and the stress that goes with it.  PalletWatch is a cost effective tool which can pay for itself very quickly. 

Its time saving features can free your staff up so that they can address some of the operational problems which are the bane of pallet control.

Special pricing is available if you have a large number of sites.  Some of our customers have hundreds of retail outlets.

If you are a charity then PalletWatch can be provided at no charge.

All pricing is GST exclusive, paid annually and plans include:


Low volume
$ 40 Monthly
  • Perfect for you if you don't have a lot of transactions and you need something much better than a spreadsheet
  • Single site
  • Less than 75 transactions per month
  • Full reconciliation capability


Full equipment control
$ 120 Monthly
  • Everything you need to reconcile an account. This can be one CHEP and one Loscam account
  • Includes data entry for 1 site
  • Extensive reporting
  • Log in from anywhere. Pallet controller can work remotely

Additional Site

Data Entry
$ 60 Monthly
  • Data Entry Only - used for additional sites to the one holding the Reconciliation licence
  • IOU Management
  • Stocktake Entry
  • Unlimited users. Very quick to get your whole team on board wherever they are located